Beauty product review: Milk Plus Whitening Facial Mask by Scentio

One of the finds that I had during my Bangkok trip last year was Beauty Buffet. It's a beauty store that you can see at almost everywhere in Thailand. I found one at MBK. The shop is really pretty (think pink and cute). I bought an exfoliator, a facial mask and a glitter mascara from there.

The Milk Plus Whitening Facial Mask by Scentio is what I want to put the spotlight on today. This was recommended to me by the friendly sales assistant who said that it was the latest product in the store.

I took a look at it, liked how it looks - super cute like an ice-cream tub. And love the vanilla smell too. I read the label, which says that it's enriched with hydrolyzed milk protein extracts and co-enzyme Q10 (smaller than collagen, good affinity with skin cells and can stimulate collagen production) - I was sold! I mean, who can resist the modern version of Cleopatra's milk treatment to the skin?

facial mask by scentio

Did it work?

I thought that the texture is a little thick - almost like plaster - so it doesn't make me feel like it's allowing my skin to breathe when I apply it onto my skin.

And it's definitely not something that you'd like to apply on if you have not-so-close people around, because it'll make you look like a ghost!

The scent is also too good to be true. By that, I mean that I wouldn't believe them if they said that the fragrance was natural, which makes me get really paranoid about the amount of artificial fragrance that has be been put into the mask. I also suspect that it might not be too suitable for those with sensitive skin because sometimes when my skin's not in its best condition, I can feel a stinging sensation around the dry areas such as around the nose.

Because of the thickness, it is also extremely hard to clean off the mask after leaving it on for 20 minutes. I've tried wiping it away with a cotton pad first then washing it off, or just washing it off directly. Either way, it's hard to get rid of everything.

However, while it seems so extreme - thick texture, strong scent, hard to wash off - the result is actually very good. You could literally see your skin glowing after using it. It also leaves your skin feeling baby-soft and smooth.


It gives good results but I'm just a bit worn out by the washing and I can't stop my paranoia towards the product.

Random beauty tips: Beauty junkies in recessionista mode

I know how maintaining a beauty regime can sometimes take a toll on our pockets. So here are some ways we can reduce our upkeep!

save money
1) Has your nail polish dried up? Here's how to revive it: Add a drop of polish remover into it, and then shake well. You should be able to use it again in a few seconds.

2) Has your mascara dried up? Put the tube into a glass a warm water and then - tada! - it's came back to life! Just take note not to continue using mascaras that are over three months old. I recently got an eye issue and went to see a specialist about it. I was told that I'm developed some form of sensitivity to contact lenses. But somehow I suspect (very sheepishly) that it's because I refused to dump out the seven-month-old mascara that I have grown so used to using.

3) Some of my products are placed upside down so that I can ensure every drop of product can be reaped. 

4) Most skincare and makeup counters offer samples. You could always ask them for it - they're meant to be given. That being said, it doesn't mean you should be asking EXCESSIVELY. The thing is, you can save more money if you buy products only after you know you like the samples to ensure you won't throw away unsuitable ones.

5) To make sure your eyeliner pencils or lipliner pencils last longer, place them in the fridge before you sharpen them. They will have less tendencies to break after that.

There you go! Five practical tips! I hope you benefit from some of them :)

Beauty product review: Lancome Teint Miracle liquid foundation

If you've read some of my past entries, you might have already known that I'm not a fan of liquid foundation. I find them too hard to push and blend, and too heavy - such that I feel that I was wearing a mask.

I was told by the folks at Lancome told me that 40% of Teint Miracle's formulation is water (so it's more hydrating, easier to blend too), used breakthrough technology such as pink bioptic pigment (to compensate for loss of pink light when light passes through the haemoglobin and thus putting the glow back into the skin), blue bioptic pigment (to compensate for the lost of blue light when lights passes through the melanin layer, and in turn makes the skin look fresher and younger), as well as putting liquid light essence in the formulation, in place of the traditional three-times-larger mother-of-pearl, to enhance surface light reflection off the skin.

(Psst, I secretly - not secret anymore now - am very proud of myself sprouting information like this off the back of my mind, hahaha!)


ANYWAY, even after this awesome presentation, I'm honestly not so psyched about it because, like I've said, I don't really fancy liquid foundation very much.

Did it work?

Thank goodness, it was love at first application. I noticed that Teint Miracle is quite different from other liquid foundation I've tried. First of all, the application is extremely smooth. Unlike before, when I have problem applying liquid foundation evenly across the entire face, I could just use Teint Miracle like how I would use, say, a moisturiser. And that being said, actually a lot of moisturisers, including the Clinique one that I just reviewed about, has a much thicker formulation compared to Teint Miracle.

The concealing power is surprisingly good too. And the result? Naturally-looking, flawless complexion.

I also like that it's fuss-free. The application process takes less than a minute and it doesn't take a makeup-guru to achieve fantastic results. It's long-lasting too, up to at least eight hours (the longest duration I've worn it for so far).

However, not everything's just sugar and spice. When you're applying, remember to go easy on the eyelids. I noticed that it may cause streaking at the crease of the lids if you apply too much. If you go moderate, it'll be fine. I've also noticed that it transfers easily to my mobile phone - I often have to clean the screen of my phone after each call.

Seeing is believing

I decided to do an experiment with oranges - well, because they resemble someone with bad skin, like large pores and blemishes. I wanted to see how well different foundation perform in terms of coverage and giving a smooth finish.

This is Brand X.
liquid foundation on orange

Brand X is the worst performer out of the three foundation that I tested with. The finish is extremely uneven, and it doesn't manage to cover the "pores" very well.

This is Brand Y.
liquid foundation on orange
This isn't a very good picture, kbut I think it's quite clear that its coverage is better than Brand X's and gives a somewhat smoother finish.

This is Teint Miracle.
teint miracle on foundation
You see that the finish is even, and pretty translucent, gives the appearance of smooth skin. Also, I actually used the same method of smearing the foundation for all three experiments, and Teint Miracle is the only one with a perfect "circle". This probably shows that it's got good staying power and doesn't streak so easily, compared to other foundation.


I love products that are easy to use and gives fab results, Teint Miracle is definitely one that falls under this unique group. What's more it comes with SPF16, PA++, good enough if you just want to run a quick errand nearby. With results so good, I don't mind cleaning my mobile phone more often.

Retails at $65. Go sample it now at Lancome counters. It will be available in stores at Isetan on 17 Sep and Robinsons as of 24 Sep. Island-wide launch will start from 1 October. Remember you read it first at Beauty Sorority! :) Oh and by the way, accompanying the launch of Teint Miracle is its corrector pen, but I'm gonna save the introduction for another review. SOON!
P/S: There's another review here :)

Bebe Indulgence, Lancome Teint Miracle Press Launch, Skin Inc Skin Optimiser Cocktail Party

I've been (happily) busy here at Beauty Sorority. Went for the bebe Indulgence event at Krish with the 8flo folks. This is the only decent picture I managed to take (I'm a not-very-talented photographer and my camera's really slow).

If you want to see bigger and better pictures. Please see here instead :)

The party was really cool - with booths set up for massages, manicure, hairstyling and makeup PLUS pictures taken on the spot. And then there were lots of yummy food and drinks and also a sneak preview of bebe's Fall Collection.

And then there was there was the Lancome Teint Miracle press launch that took place yesterday. I've been using Teint Miracle for slightly over a week now and so I guess it's due for a review. I don't believing mass-produce reviews because I believe in truly experiencing every product before I write about them, so please be patient with me for the reviews :p Anyway, here are some pictures from the event.

roses from teint miracle press launch

That's my attempt at being artistic. The window and rose display at The Arts House, where the event was held.

teint miracle counter display at press launch
The counter display.

teint miracle wall display
The wall displays.

teint miracle counter display
Another counter display.

Lancome's marketing rep giving a presentation.

teint miracle sampling
The "discovery" room to try the products.

teint miracle demonstration
This is Lancome's National Makeup Artist, Linda Tock, working her magic on the model with Teint Miracle.

flawless skin
This is the best close-up shot I could take of the model. Sorry folks! But anyway, look at how flawless her skin looks!

The rest of the models in a runway-esque showcase.

beauty sorority at lancome teint miracle event

Ehem, a pic of me, wearing Teint Miracle, nonetheless!

And then I rushed down to Orchard Central for the Skin Inc's Skin Optimiser Cocktail Launch Party. The sales person showed how the different coloured lights from their latest equipment could bring about great benefits to the skin - for example, for soothing or boosting collagen. You could read about it here. Quite amazing stuff. Unfortunately, I had another appointment to go for and so I didn't get to stick around long enough. Yup, and no pictures taken.


Some thoughts:

It's all kinda strange, actually, being asked to a beauty event as a blogger. I think I'm still getting used to this term (might never get used to it) and probably that's why when one of the bloggers at the Lancome event asked "Are you a blogger?", I hesitated for a while before replying "I just happen to blog" - I just can't get used to the idea.

You know? It's like if you just happen to like swimming and swim often enough, you can't really say you're a "swimmer" until you feel that you're professional enough, or that if you're given enough professional recognition in what you do, right?

A bit more sharing about me: I was a writer in arguably, the largest publishing company in Singapore (go figure which one!) for quite a while, and prior to that was doing news reporting in a few companies, including the publishing company's parent company (HAHA!) and one of its competitors' company. After that, I had a stint doing PR & Marketing for a skincare and body care company before deciding that I'm not a marketeer but a writer. I missed writing. And now I'm back to writing - for companies like 8flo Lifestye, among others! That being said, being on both sides before, I feel that the treatment/perception of bloggers versus journalists are different, and it probably will never be the same. Bloggers don't go through editors, voice their personal opinion of everything, preferably pepper their blog with tons of pictures of themselves (that's probably how readers get that sense of connection with them); journalists on the other hand are to sit more on the fence (at least in Singapore), their job is to show readers what they saw, without trying to put an opinion into them, they obviously can't put lots of pictures of themselves in the magazine/paper that they work for! Yeah, I'm kinda rattling off but, bottomline is, while both writes, there are obvious differences between both. 

And as I was sitting by myself at the event, watching the other bloggers chatting and laughing (I think they know one another prior because they're the really veteran, more well-known beauty bloggers who always get invited to events?) and taking pictures, I really start questioning my own "identity" - who am I really? -  a blogger who writes or a writer who blogs? 

I think I'm the latter.  

Beauty product review: Kiehl's Acai Toning Mist

Kiehl's Acai Toning Mist was launched early this year and I was excited to get one because Acai berries, as Kiehl's claim, contains a LOT of anti-oxidants. PLUS, I've had great experience with my last Kiehl's toner. See review here.

I've been using the same bottle since March till now - there's still a lot left and I use it everyday. So I'd say it's quite good value for money.

Did it work?

Like all Kiehl's products, this one isn't particularly sweet-smelling too, but I'd say that it smells good enough - at least it isn't repulsive. I also love that it comes with a pump so I can either spray the mist directly onto the skin or onto a cotton pad. It's cleaner and more easily regulated.

However, unlike the last Kiehl's toner, I've yet to see any very positive effect on the skin. The cleansing effect is good enough, it leaves a cooling sensation, but I don't see it refining my skin.


Time to try another toner.

Random beauty tips: Solve those beauty SOS problems

I've just contributed an article to 8flo Lifestyle, suggesting solutions to some irritating problems that we sometimes face as beauty junkies (or not).
The article tells you: What you should do if...

1) You've just sharpened your eyeliner pencil and it's too sharp to be used gently
2) Your teeth look yellow
3) You've got a zit
4) Your mascara flakes on your lashes
5) You've ran out of liquid eyeliner

... and you've got only 10 minutes to get the problem sorted out because Takeshi Kaneshiro is picking you up for your first dinner date in 120 seconds~

Read all about it here.

Do give me some feedback (whether or not they work) or let me kno w if you have other awesome suggestions. Comment on this blog or on the 8flo comment system - I'd be able to read both and will reply!  :)

Beauty how-to: How to achieve barely-there makeup look

I wonder when and how it started - but the barely-there look is getting big - evident from celebrities (think Charlize Theron and Kirsten Dunst) and runway looks that are going in this direction.
Something like this:

I guess it all comes from the extra pride that comes from compliments such as "Your skin looks so fabulous, and you're not even wearing makeup!!!" (when you secretly know that you ARE wearing makeup, it's just that it looks so natural, people thought that you've got flawless skin).

I've just received Teint Miracle, Lancome's soon-to-launch liquid foundation and Teint Miracle Bare Skin Perfecting Corrector Pen, which is supposed to help with concealing, brightening and smoothing. And these products are the inspiration behind tis post. By the way, these products will be out for sampling at Lancome counters from September and then fully launched in October! I'll be doing a review on them soon :)

Now, now, I know readers of Beauty Sorority (besides my friends) never knew how I look like, because apart from pictures of my eyes, lips, whatever, I've never posted up a single picture of myself. But I think it's about time...

Brace yourself...

I can't believe that the first picture that I posted of myself on the blog is gonna be a bare-face one!!! DAMN.

Please applaud me for my courage!!!

Anyway, back to the guide. Ok, just a disclaimer, I'm no makeup artist, so this is merely a showcase of how I would doll myself up to a girls' gathering in barely-there makeup look.

Step #1: Apply Teint Miracle liquid foundation

The first step to getting barely-there makeup is to ensure you have a good canvas to work with - i.e. to achieve the look of good skin. So foundation is a must.

I like to apply them on what I call the "five key areas" first. Like this:

And then blend well with either fingers or a brush.

Step #2: Correct blemishes and darker areas with Teint Miracle Corrector Pen

Good skin = no blemishes. So here's concealer to the rescue.

I usually apply concealer on the under eye area, around the nose and at the corner of my lips - these areas are usually darker. I'd also dot off blemishes. Like this:

Then blend well to make the concealing look as seamless as possible.

Step #3: Highlight arch below brows, nose bridge, cheeks and chin

To create the look of good skin, I also like to do some highlighting to accentuate certain features. Actually Teint Miracle Corrector Pen could do this for me too, however, I decided to go with Lancome Ombre Glacee because I feel like having a slight pearlescent tinge to today's look. By the way, I did a review here.

Ok, so how do we know where to highlight? Look at this image:

Notice that where the light falls on her face? The area on the cheeks close to the nose and forming me sort of inverted triangle shape, the forehead just above the brows and leading all the way to the nose bridge and chin. These are the areas where light will fall on and you'd want to allow light to reflect more.

I apply at exactly the above-mentioned areas, as well as on the arch below the brows.

And then, blend well again.

Make sure that the highlighting doesn't stand out too much too. If you realise that it's too bright, dust some blusher or loose powder over.

Step #4: Dust eyeshadow

Earth colours are best to use for getting the barely-there look. I chose a bronze and a darker brown from the Sephora palette. My review on the palette is here

This is the close-up of the eye makeup:

Generally, I dust the bronze all over the socket. Then Ia applied the darker brown on the area below the crease and the area below the brow bones. The matte brown pigment helps to mute down the bronze that was initially applied so that the brightest part occurs just at the centre of the lids.

You could experiment with beige instead of bronze.

Step #5: Eyeliner and mascara

Apply eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible, then curl your lahses and apply just one layer of mascara. The mascara is merely used to hold up the curls. Since you're supposed to look like you're not really wearing makeup, don't dramatise the lashes.

Step #6: Shape lips and lip gloss/nude lipstick

Use a concealer to shape out the lips, then apply nude lipstick. I used Loreal Paris Color Riche in Taffeta Caresse. My review of it is here.

Dust some loose powder to set the makeup. And then it's done!

The merit of barely-there makeup is that it looks natural and doesn't age you. Yet, it looks DIFFERENT from if you don't wear makeup at all.

See the difference? I look more fatigued in the second picture (bare face).

Gosh! The kinda sacrifice I put up just to prove a point. I hope my boyfriend would continue to ask me out.

Apart from Teint Miracle foundation, Teint Miracle Corrector Pen, Ombre Glacee highlighter, Sephora blockbuster palette and Loreal Paris lipstick, I also used Lancome Virtuose mascara (review here), Lancome Le Crayon Khol, Shu Uemura lash curler, and Urban Decay Primer Potion (review here).

Beauty product review: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

I heard that the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is meant for intense dry skin. This is the step #3 product in Clinique's basic range.

I have dry skin. While it's not extremely dry, I am just very kiasu and decided that I NEED extreme remedy to actually see some difference! That's why when I was contemplating between a Nuxe moisturiser and this one, I went for this.

Did it work?

Just like most of Clinique's product, don't expect it to smell really good. This one smells a little medicated.

The texture is slightly thick and doesn't absorb too fast. The skin also feel a little oily after application.

However, the skin does feel plumper and more supple after faithful application. Dryness, particularly around the corners of the nose, is less evident after a few days. I also like that the product comes with a pump, so it's actually more hygienic to use, compared to those that are contained in a jar. In fact, it will even be possible to share it with a friend who have dry skin too! (I would be a little paranoid about sharing with someone else from a jar)

Overall performance is good but I really dislike how slowly the lotion's absorbed and how my skin feels and look oily just after application.

Beauty product review: L'Oreal Men Expert Eye Roll On and Ginvera Jade Eye Roller

Eye rollers for eliminating the appearance of dark eye circles aren't a new invention. The first one I've heard of was Garnier Eye Roll On, and then there are Ginvera Jade Dark Eye Circle Roll Away, L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Eye Roll On and Nivea for Men Eye Roller Gel. 

I've tried L'Oreal Men Expert's (haha!) and Ginvera's, so here's a record of my experience with them.

Did they work?

L"Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Ice Cool Eye Roll On contains Vitamin C, Caffeine and Peptido complex. The metal ball helps to massage the eye contour, while its concoction is designed for de-puffing and brightening the eye contours.

From what I know, vitamin C and caffeine are typical ingredients for brightening and de-puffing. The roller does have a cooling effect on the eye area which feels really good. Application is smooth and the fluid flows out easily.

However, there hasn't been any sign of effectiveness :(

Ginvera Jade dark Eye Circle Roll Away, on the other hand, replaces the typical metal ball that's used in the eye rollers with jade (very interesting!) Jade has been used traditionally by Chinese as a precious stone that contains trace minerals and has the ability to improve blood mircocirculation. Ginvera claims that this can help to improve dark eye circles and puffiness, which are caused by poor blood mircocirculation. This product contains Bio Energy Fluid and Bio Rice Fermentation Essence.

The interesting part is that jade is naturally cooling, so it feels rather good on the eye area. However, sometimes the application with this product isn't very smooth, it feels as though the jade got "stuck" and my eye area ended up getting "clipped" by the roller. Boohoo! :(

Anyway, I also haven't seen any visible results with it.

Sigh. Time to find another solution.

Men expert: 1.5/5
Ginvera: 1.5/5
One gives better application, the other uses an interesting substitute for metal.